Vincy Mas 2023

Vincy Mas 2023

It would not be long before the people of St.Vincent and the Grenadines get all revved up for the country’s premier cultural event of the year. Dubbed as

“The Hottest Carnival In the Caribbean.”

Vincy Mas will explode in spectacular fashion in a 12-day festival of pan, mas, calypso, beauty and revelry from June 30th –July 11th, 2023.

For you who may not have witnessed this grand spectacle, imagine yourself being immersed in a colourful ambience of sequined costumes glittering beneath the Caribbean sun, dancing in the streets to the pulsing sounds of steel bands, brass bands and disc jockeys all belting out the latest calypso melodies while drinking a cold Hairoun Beer, or some other concoction designed to soothe away the heat.

Whether you notice it or not, the carnival spirit will sneak up on you, aided and abetted by fun-loving Vincentians, who are experts in celebrating and will go out of their way to welcome visitors and help them participate in this cultural celebration of the nation’s calendar.

The attraction of the costume bands is that participation is open to Vincentians and visitors alike. So beautiful costumes and fond memories are available to any masquerader. For those wishing to create their costumes, the J’ouvert parade and afternoon street party allow you to reveal your creativity!

Some of the festival’s highlights include a show called Steel and Glitter, an all-white party called EVO, Mardi Gras, a parade of the bands, and the biggest event on the Carnival calendar – the Soca Monarch.

Vincy Mas is an occasion not to be missed; experience this exciting fantasy in colour, sound and movement!

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