Get Married in 24 Hours

Get Married in 24 Hours

St. Vincent and the Grenadines has updated its marriage certification procedures to process licenses within twenty-four hours.

The Marriage Act has been modified to give public officers in the Grenadines the authority to certify marriage licenses.

The Grenadine islands are the destination’s most popular wedding and honeymoon locations and have gained various awards:

  • World’s Most Romantic Island, by Travel + Leisure
  • Top 10 World’s Most Romantic Beaches, by Beach Tomato
  • The Best Places To Elope In The Caribbean, by USA Today
  • Ten Dreamy Honeymoon Destinations In The Caribbean, by The i Paper
  • The 17 Most Romantic Hotels In The World, by Travel + Leisure
  • Best Caribbean Honeymoons, by The U.S. News & World Report
  • Most Romantic Hotels In The Caribbean, by The Times Expert Traveller

With the revised law, guests no longer have to use part of their stays to travel to the mainland to sign the marriage licenses.