Our Team

Richard MacLeish

Director of Sales USA

Richard MacLeish is a management professional with three years of destination marketing work and near three decades of experience in the cultural and communications industries. Richard is passionate about sustainable tourism, particularly in small island developing states like St. Vincent and the Grenadines. A strong proponent of the immense value of word-of-mouth marketing, Richard focuses on optimizing the visitor experience in authentic destination offerings. Richard enjoys reading about world history and politics as well as watching football (soccer) and Formula 1 auto racing.

Eleen Ackie

Assistant Director of Sales USA

Eleen Ackie is a career tourism marketing executive with more than 15 years of experience and expertise in destinations, hospitality and transportation services. A proud Vincentian national and native of Union Island, she brings to her work an unparalleled enthusiasm for all things Vincentian, an extensive knowledge of the country’s geography and culture and an incomparable familiarity with the treasured attractions of the Grenadines. Eleen’s dedication to excellence and her love for distinctive service in all aspects of the evolving travel and tourism sector continue to sustain her enthusiasm for the future of the industry. In her downtime, she loves assembling puzzles and playing games with her 5-year-old son, or listening to a great Audible story.

Shelley John

Director of Sales Canada

Shelley John has worked directly in Tourism marketing for the past 14 years. A hospitality management professional with experience in Accounting, she believes in the power of Social Media as a strategic vehicle for destination marketing. A resident of Canada for the past 20 years, she understands why the St. Vincent and the Grenadines (SVG) product is a magnet for Canadians who yearn a truly “warm,” authentic experience, and looks for innovative ways to reach the market. When not spreading the SVG word, Shelley can be found reading nonfiction, enjoying nature in her garden or on a walking trail, or cooking a hearty dish.

Andrew Phillips

Assistant Director of Sales Canada

Andrew Phillips is a marketing professional of 8 years, with specific experience in the promotion of destination travel and investment, and analytics. He is a strong advocate for sustainable development in tourism with a passion for environmentalism and the maintenance of St. Vincent and the Grenadines’ natural beauty, both above and below our pristine waters. He enjoys working with travel partners to bring what he describes as the most diverse Caribbean to their clients. An avid hiker, Andrew also loves a good game of rugby.

Kathique Haynes

Marketing Officer USA

Kathique Haynes is tourism professional with over 30 years’ experience in marketing, information and statistics. Kathique has direct oversight of the marketing initiatives in the North American market as well as responsibility for the cruise sub-sector, and the supervision of the hosting of familiarization trips. An unapologetic conscientious advocate for and defender of tourism and all things Vincentian, she considers her role a Sacred Trust. Kathique has demonstrated to stakeholders and visitors that she loves her country and thoroughly enjoys her job as manifested in her representation at trade events, where she leaves no stone unturned to ensure St. Vincent and the Grenadines shines brightly. Kathique unwinds by spending quality time with friends and family.